Being a Reading Junkie

Posted by mhspear on July 16, 2016 in books, kindle, reading |

I do a lot of reading online, on my kindle, and really sometimes even paper books. I am the one who reads labels in the bathroom, cause come on, someone stole all my bathroom magazines. I like to read online. Today I found another interesting blog that serves up humor and style. Check it out at foodforthethoughtless.com/ .

You’ll like it, I know you will. Oh and while you’re over there, check out the drink. My oh my, yes I can say that..it’s my blog. The Horace Vandergelder, I think I have found a new thing to try.

Back to the reading stuff. I frequently want a new dish to try, a new ingredient to insert somewhere… a new whatsit to go with my whois. I always turn to my puter, good old girl, hangs in there with all the cat hair, over heating, under cleaning and just general bullshit that electronics have to endure.

I have over a thousand books in my Kindle library and NO…I do not have enough. At the moment I am waiting for some of my favorite authors to get off their asses and write me some new books.  I know, you know, they probably do not even know I exist, that is ok. I religiously buy their books and support both their habits…hehehe…and my own. Between my husband, Himself and myself we own well over a thousand physical books, damn near that many dvd’s and way more than that kindle books. It’s what we do…the reading thing.

I feel so sorry for people that don’t read. They really have no idea what they’re missing. Younger people today play so many games, ok, ok, so I do play Warcraft. When I get to dreaming about it, I quit for a bit. Games are fun, I understand this. What I don’t understand is playing it every waking moment when you can. There is a lot of other stuff going on in the world and it ain’t all on a game console or puter.


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Spam…spam…and not the good kind

Posted by mhspear on July 14, 2016 in Uncategorized |

I posted a note about redirects. Ok…So I get a tone of comments. NOT one damn descent comment, all spam. I do not allow spam to post I delete everything. If you have nothing better to do that put a ton of garbage online, trust me…it will not get past my delete button. Go play somewhere else.



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I have never in all my time on a computer put links in a post or comment that led people to other places away from the original site, it just totally sucks. It’s neither ethical or nice. It’s just rude. If you like something I write, no problem, and I have no problem if in the comment you post a link to your own site, but come on, its only fair that the comment get viewed too. If you post a comment and I look at it in moderation and it looks ok, so I allow it to be posted, know that I also look at the comment online and if immediately redirects, you’re outta here bub.


Once again

Posted by mhspear on May 20, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Ok so I totally screwed up this site, lost all my old posts and pictures…and yes it is my fault, but I blame Google and WordPress too.

I google my sites randomly, once a month or so and found this site had been hacked. It redirected people to a Viagra site, well shit and double shit.  It was in one of my themes. I looked all over but never did find the code that did this. Google even gave me the line #, but even looking at the bare code, it just was NOT visible. I am thinking it was hidden in the lines and lines and lines of code that make up a web site.

This is the only site I use WordPress on, I hand code all the rest and they seem fine.

To all the hackers out there, Fuck you all. It’s not like I have a ton of subscribers, or even make money from this site so it’s just malicious meanness, and down right stupid.

I like coding, and I understand why there are certain hackers that try to bust our chops, check our ins and outs….but come on…it’s just a blog, a few words on my thoughts. No links to Amazon or anything. I make zilch from this and there was just no reason.

So I am up…again, lost five years of assorted posts. I had to uninstall WordPress, check my computers and there reinstall. What a royal pain in the ass.

There is not a lot a person like me can do if someone jerks my chain like this. I am not a hacker, I know base coding for html, I play with it cause its fun. I run my sites through the W3C validation. Yes to me it matters.

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